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What to do if your site gets a sudden drop in Google search rankings, in June and July 2021?

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What to do when your site has a sudden drop in Google rankings?

In June, Google made a sweeping change to its search systems, penalizing some sites and rewarding others. As a result of the algorithm change called Google’s ‘fundamental update’, some sites’ rankings on the search results page dropped suddenly, while some sites climbed higher. What should you do if your site has been affected by these situations? What to do if your site gets a sudden drop in Google search rankings, in June and July 2021?

Stating that it aims to bring the most logical answers by scanning billions of different sites against billions of various Google searches in 150 languages, Google changes its basic algorithm several times a year. The first radical software update of 2021 took place in June. The second will be held in July.

Google attributes the reason for this change, which causes sudden decreases and increases in the ranking of sites, the changes in people’s search queries, the new content added to the internet, and the positive-negative reactions of people to these new content.

If your site also experienced a sudden drop in June, first of all, do not panic. This is neither your fault nor your co-workers’ fault. The issue is all about the criteria changes that Google makes when scoring sites. And again, don’t be surprised if your ranking goes upside down again in July. Because Google has already announced that it will implement the second biggest core update of 2021 in July.

Like Change in Movie List

The Google Search Center Blog, penned by itself, describes this update as follows: “Imagine making a list of the 100 best movies of 2015 to understand how the core update works. Then, a few years later, you refreshed the list in 2019. Naturally, your list will change. Some good new movies that didn’t exist before are now candidates for inclusion in the list. You can also reevaluate some movies and realize that they deserve a higher place on the list than before.”

You can read the tips given by Google on what to do with the pages affected by the June and July updates here.

The bottom line is, “We recommend that you focus on delivering the best content you can. Our algorithms reward content.” hidden in the sentence. In the article on this link, Google asks 20 questions under 5 main headings to site owners who want to increase their rank in search results. If the content on your site can give satisfactory answers to 20 questions, your Google ranking will increase accordingly. Or vice versa. Here are the 5 most critical questions Google asks:

1. Does the content provide original information, reports, research results or analysis?
2. Would you feel comfortable relying on this content for money or life matters?
3. Does the content contain excessive advertisements that divert attention from or interfere with the original content?
4. Does the content serve the genuine interests of visitors to the site, or does it appear to be made by someone just trying to guess what might rank well in search engines?
5. Does the content display well on mobile devices?

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