Crash Test for Companies Who Wants to Jump into Digital Marketing

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Have you taken a closer look at how companies that have proven themselves in digital marketing are operating their online muscles? Or have you examined the basic mistakes of companies that have failed digital marketing?

A study revealed that companies’ success rates in 12 majors of digital marketing remained on average at 20 to 40 percent. According to the research conducted by Target Internet and Marketing Institute, email marketing is 52 percent, where companies are the most successful in digital marketing. Those who stay in the classroom are content marketing with 24 percent and 29 percent. Mobile marketing and user experience, online ads with 31 percent.

Today, I would like to offer you a short test to understand your situation in the internet world. Congratulations if the number of signs you can beat in the boxes is 12 and above. If you’re over 8, you’re on the right track. If your score is below 8, you should immediately take action.

1. Do you know where your target audience spends most time in digital?

☐ On Social Media (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok etc.)

☐ On news sites

☐ In search engines

☐ In other channels. Write.

2. Now, what content are available in your computer to put the internet that you can publish about your products and services?

☐ Our written, visual and video contents are ready to publish about how product features benefit different user groups.

☐ The content was already published on the company site, on Google My Business and on our Social Media accounts. Videos about customer product experiences were uploaded to Youtube.

☐ We have already completed our on-site and off-site SEO works.

3. Have you identified the ideal customer of your product?

☐ Yes, we have conducted a research on who bought our products the most.

☐ We have learned what our ideal customers are simultaneously searching for products in search engines besides our products. (If you can’t mark at least one of these two options, you’re probably lost in the digital forest)

4. Whether you have a sole sales unit or not, do all of your employees have the skills to sell online or communicate with customers coming from online mediums?

☐ Yes, we do.

☐ Only our online sales unit deals with this issue. (You are on the right track)

☐ Our sales and marketing units work in coordination with the company’s main digital marketing strategy. (Good)

5. Have you publicly announced your prices on the internet?

☐ Yes, our prices have been announced transparently. (Customers like the advertised price. Nobody wants to invest in uncertainty. The easiest way to find out if you are giving a competitive price is by declaring prices explicitly. Golden rule: In e-commerce you earn money with your service quality.)

6. Are your digital fixtures serving your clients or are they hanging on the wall?

☐ We are aware of the digital assets of our company has in the internet world, in other words, our digital fixtures: our website, social media accounts, email addresses, live chat programs, yellow pages and sectoral listing sites, accounts in your e-commerce marketplaces. We have a total of xx digital fixtures. We do not just have to own them, we also actively use them to improve our customer relations.

☐ We respond to orders or customer questions from the online channel on the same day, and our social media accounts can answer questions and answers from customers about pre and post sales within a few hours at the latest.

7. Even if you run an oil well, you have to do marketing when oil prices going down and down as it is nowadays. You cannot survive without marketing. But did you find out in which time period you will intensify and decrease your marketing activities?

☐ Yes, we have solid, data driven knowledge on which days and times our customers active on search engines and make online purchases.

☐ We use web analytics tools as well as social media analytics tools. We collect and analyze the data of visitors browsing our site regularly. Our conversion optimizations have been established following the sales from our site.

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