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12 reasons to invest in targeted tv ads on SKY Adsmart

12 reasons to use targeted tv ads at SKY Adsmart 

Advertisers pay £7.5 billion for tv programme production and publishing every year in the UK. 

According to the BARB data, 53 million and 388 thousand people watched TV in the UK in the week of March 1st-7th. It is 88.4% per cent of the total UK population. That number is the ceiling of people you can reach via TV within a week.

Sorry but TV Advertisers publishing ads through traditional live television screens have to throw almost half of the money into the dustbin just because of accepting overcharge for a non-targeted audience.

Live television is also called Linear TV. It is the conventional way of watching TV. You don’t have any option rather than zapping to another channel. You have to watch whatever you have on the screen.

For example, if you watch “Blue Bloods” on CBS at 10 pm ET on Friday when it premieres, that is considered a linear TV viewing experience.

So, hera are the 12 key benefits of publishing targeted tv ads:


  1. 1. Publishing targeted tv ads is cheaper than what you think. Only starts from as little as £3.000!


  1. 2. Mass reach opportunity




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