10 Ways of Making Organic Followers in Social Media

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Unfortunately, social media organizations punish you by reducing your chances of being organically found every day unless you don’t use their social advertisement tools such as post promotion which starts from £0.8 per day. However, there are many other options you can apply to increase organic reach and followers.

Social media organizations such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin have restricted organic reach for a long time ago. In the past, everything you wrote on your page was showed to all your followers. This is gone. Now, what you write is only shown to those allowed by the artificial intelligence. The learning machines detect your browsing tendencies on the internet and display you a message stack on social media accordingly.

Whether you like it or not, Twitter imposes the agenda of accounts that you have not followed.

So the organic link between your messages and your followers has ended. Likewise, not every content you post is shown to everyone who follows you. Your content is shown if it has any interest to your followers.

If you want to touch a wider audience of the content you post, welcome on board to paid ads. You are allowed to determine the target audiences you want, and deliver your agenda to them, provided that you deliver your credit card to Facebook and Twitter. 

Social media organizations punish you by reducing your chances of being organically discovered if you don’t use their ad services. 

You have to pay money even to get organic access.

It is a fact that even though it does not matter alone, people look at your number of followers before following you. In other words, it is an advantage to start organic work or paid advertising with a high number of followers.

Buying bot followers produced in a virtual environment will damage the corporate image of the company. 

Buying real followers or likes from click farms from various countries will also have no contribution to the company’s social media image.

So let’s take a look at the methods to increase the number of followers organically:

1. Follow people first

Investigate and track accounts that are likely to interact with you. Seeing that your page and stream are full of interesting text, images and video content, this account will follow you.

2. Try to be followed by influencers

Try to be followed by influencers who has 228 thousand followers and only following 300 people. When you examine the profiles of these influencers and timelines, you will also have your what you need to do on your own account. Even you will see get tips on how to become influencer account.

3. Make telephone calls

Ask people who know you in the physical world but do not follow you on social media. Request them likes and follow-ups for your accounts.

4. Blink to competitors’ followers

Follow the social media followers of your most influential competitors in the market. A growth hack method if you use wisely.

5. Analyze this!

Find out what age group, location, and interests of people have you posted so far using analysis tools like Sprout Social, Buffers, Hootsuit, Social Bakers, and Facebook Insights. If the result does not accurately reflect the audience you want to reach, there is an error in your content strategy.

6. Publish social media account links.

Make sure that the links of your social accounts are located in the signature section under your emails, placed on each page of your web site, and written on advertising materials such as brochures and newspaper ads. Do not forget to add the links to sites like listings, directories, and yellow pages. Place social media sharing buttons on each blog you write.

7. Do not post without using #hashtags

Produce content on Twitter, Instagram or any other platform that you can use hashtags. Trending topics on that day, especially.

8. Use magnificent images and video contents

Facebook does not want you to post a photo with more than 20 percent of its surface is covered by texts. Facebook and Instagram show stunning picture and video stories to more people.

9. Like others and write comments

If you only think your articles to be read and took stars, you are wrong. Social media giants rewards the content of highly interacting accounts by showing them to more people.

10. Use Organic Post Targeting Option

Does everyone has to see every message? On Facebook and Instagram, you can make organic targeting free of charge with a planning that will bring the right content to the right audience at the right time.

If it is not enabled, enable the Audience Optimization for Posts option in the Facebook page settings. In Publishing Tools, Open your Public tab under the post box. Now you can easily restrict your posts by age, gender, location, and languages ​​with Restricted Audience or News Feed Targeting features.

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